Either Raise the Draft Age, Or Lower the Drinking Age...You Can't Have Both

Today wha tI want to talk about, is something that has been sort of bothering me for the last couple of weeks.

How come an 18 year old, can be conscripted by the government, to take a rifle, and go kill people in a war that he might not eve agree with, but he can't have a beer at a local bar to celebrate

Some people might say that it is because alcohol is a dangerous substance for a growing mind, and that when you are 18 you are not responsible enough to know how to use properly.

Well let me tell you something. War is a much more dangerous substance for the growing mind, because you can get dead. Or you can be screwed up for life. And why would be sending 18 year olds to fight for us if they weren't responsible? That seems pretty irresponsible to me.

So either raise the draft age, or lower the drinking age. You can't have it both ways.

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Anonymous said...

well said!