How Technology Will Forever Influence Politics Part 2

In my last post in this series, I described how technology would allow the average person to not only have a say in how their government is run, but actually run it themselves. In other words, the average politician now-a-days will be a dinosaur in the future.
This point for me was fully proven when I saw this article today about how Al Franken, SNL writer and star turned political humorist and author is running for the U.S Senate. Franken himself says that he is "not the typical politician" and this is the first step towards the change that is going to come. Fifty years ago, a comedian running for president would be ludicrous. Today, it's just starting to be acceptable.
(And probably 90% of the college students of America would vote for John Stewart of the Daily Show if he ran for president.)


Anonymous said...

Whilst your views seem ok, it has been recently proven here in the UK that technology paired with politics does not work. We have a mechanism (provided by the government) to allow the voting public to create a petition on the Goverments website to effectively canvass for changes in policy. A recent petition received 1.5 million votes (it was a petition against additional taxation on vehicle usage on public roads), and the Government has simply ignored it...

Dan said...

Yes that is a drastic change, that your government instituted but did not back. What I am talking about is gradual changes over time, that will influence who, and why a candidate runs as well as what factors increase or decrease their chances of being elected bringing more political accountability and more "everyman" candidates.