Blue Angels Crash

I was just watching CNN, and apparently at least one of the famed Blue Angels planes has crashed during an airshow in Beaufort South Carolina. Multiple houses are on fire. Let me just say, in a such a hectic week filled with so many tragedies...this sucks.
Here is a corroborating story from NBC news:

CNN reported that at least one plane crashed into a Beaufort, S.C., neighborhood. Several homes were reported to be on fire, according to CNN.A man who said he was a witness told CNN that he was watching the show and there were six planes, then one vanished before he saw a black plume of smoke. He said he had watched the show for about 30 minutes before the crash.



I don't think I have to recap the whole Don Imus debacle as I'm sure even Paris Hilton could tell you every detail. What I am going to do, is try to extract a lesson. What Imus said was terrible. What other people say are worse. Comparisons between Don Imus's slip and rap music have been made from the start so I'm not going to get into that. The reason Imus lost his job, isn't just because of what he said this time. It is because of what hes been saying the entire time he's been on the air. He has made fun of a pointed fingers at everybody. He has made enemies everywhere he goes and nobody really liked him. That, is why when he screwed up, nobody had his back. And that is why he got canned.
End of moral lesson.


Governor of New Jersey in Serious Car Accident

I was listening to the radio just now it said that the Governor of New Jersey John Corzine was in a serious car accident minutes ago. Apparently his motorcade was cut off by another driver and the Governor and a state trooper are injured and are being Medivac-ed out.
A spokesman said that his injuries are not life threatening.

Governor Jon Corzine was injured in an auto accident on the Garden State Parkway late this afternoon, his spokesman said.

"The governor sustained injuries. They were not life-threatening," said spokesman Anthony Coley.

Coley said there are reports that a trooper also was injured in the accident at about 5:45 p.m. near milepost 43 in Galloway Township, Atlantic County. The governor was traveling in a two-car motorcade.

An administration official said Corzine suffered a broken leg and was taken from the scene by helicopter. He was flown to Cooper University Hospital in Camden, an operator at the hospital said.