Why the Scooter Libby Debacle Will Be the Last Political Mistake Dick Cheney Will Ever Make

Nobody really liked Dick Cheney in the first place. They tolerated him because he was an experienced business man, who had appeal to the Republican party.

Then, he became a staunch supporter of an increasingly unpopular Iraq war, and attacked Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

Then when Scooter Libby was arrested and held on charges of perjury Dick Cheney must have known that it was over. In an article published a few hours ago, the LA Times said this about a White House aide who recently testified in Libby's trial:

"Vice President Dick Cheney and his former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, were personally and actively involved in an effort to spin news coverage and discredit a critic of the Iraq war even before the fact that his wife was a CIA operative became public, a senior White House official testified Thursday.

Martin testified as a prosecution witness at Libby's trial on charges of obstructing an investigation into how the name of a CIA operative became public. The operative, Valerie Plame, is the wife of former U.S. envoy Joseph C. Wilson IV. Wilson, who had written a government report questioning White House claims that Iraq had sought nuclear weapons material from the government of Niger -- a report that the White House sought to discredit."

So what does this mean for Dick Cheney?

He is a second term Vice-President, who is rarely seen in public, has a scandalous trial in the works and is supportive of a war that even members of his own party are trying to distance themselves from. I'm pretty sure that we're going to be seeing the resignation of Dick Cheney in the months or weeks to come.

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