6 Reasons Why We Will Be Out of Iraq in Two Years

Here are a number of reasons why we will be out of Iraq in the next two years:

1. Support levels are low for the war
2. Reactions have been mostly negative for the "troop surge"
3. Bush will try to save his legacy by making amends
4. The Republican party will put pressure on Bush to pull out to save their chances for the Presidential election
5. New recruits are scarcely found, and instituting a draft for an already lowly supported war would be suicide
6. The Go Army commercials are getting pretty annoying


Anonymous said...

Disagree with #4. I think McCain is going to want us to stay there until at least 2009. Come the next presidential election, who better to lead the country out of this mess than a military man? It's happening already - that's the reason behind the surge mentality aka the McCain Doctrine.

Fox said...

Thats true, McCain is emerging as a powerful pro-war Republican, but it seems to me like on the whole the Republican party is giving the cold shoulder to the war. He could stir up trouble though.