Pinkus Names Fleisher as the Man Behind the Valerie Plame Leak Case

A Washington Post report today stated that one of its reporters Walter Pinkus, during courtroom testimony, named Ari Fleisher as the first person to tell him that Joe Wilson's wife worked for the CIA.

Pinkus appeared as the first defense witness in the trial he gave testimony that he was at his desk when he received a telephone call from a source, and had a discussion with said source about a trip Joe was taking to Niger to explore a possible uranium connection between that country and Iraq.

This from the WaPo story:

"The person I was calling suddenly swerved off and said . . . 'Don't you know, in effect, his wife works at the CIA, is an analyst on weapons of mass destruction?' " Pincus testified. He told the court that the source said, "That's why people aren't paying attention" to Wilson's findings that the Iraq reports were unfounded, because he had been sent on the mission by his wife.

Asked by defense attorney William Jeffress Jr. whether his source had been Libby, Pincus replied that he had not. Asked who the source was, Pincus replied: "Ari Fleischer."

And he let the prosecution make a case against Scooter Libby and stir the whole country into an uproar when actually it was Ari Fleisher who leaked it because?

Seems a little strange to me.

I'm sorry I need to make a little redaction, Scooter Libby is only charged with lying to police about his conversations with reporters regarding Valerie Plame, not the leak itself.

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