Obama Will Announce His Candidacy Today But...

Barack Obama will announce his candidacy for President today but is he actually electable as a President?

He contends that his thin resume,is his main strength for the candidacy, but can an inexperienced Senator of the people become President? The answer for now, I think is no. Unless Mr. Obama pulls something incredible out of his bag of tricks like propose an Iraq strategy that actually makes sense, I think that Hillary will win the Dems nomination, and will name Barack as her Vice President. Then I think that they will face off with McCain and Rudy,who are probably not going to win, Giuliani has too much baggage.

So President for 2008? Hillary Clinton
Vice President? Barack Obama
I'm not saying I don't like Barack, I'd probably vote for him, but I don't know how many other people would.

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Flame said...

A woman president... Ahh we're all going to die.