Iraq: Worse and Worserer

In Iraq, all is not lost. But sending 20,000 additional troops to Baghdad is kind of like drinking a slushy faster and faster to get rid of your brain freeze, pointless and stupid. Sending in more troops is a bad idea. It didn't work in Vietnam, and it certainly isn't going to work here.

Having more troops, is just giving insurgents more of a reason to fight, and a better way to recruit. By increasing our presence we are giving them an advantage, and putting more of our sons and daughters in harms way, while exposing ourselves to the possibility of a draft.

The way to peace in Iraq, as I stipulated here, is (I quote):

The first thing to do is turn public opinion away from terrorism, specifically in the young person demographic. We set up charities, and massive food drops. We emblazon our name on everything and hire an experienced PR firm to help.

The second thing to do is set up schools to correct misconceptions about the West that many young people are brought up with in the Arab world today.

We make it seem ridiculous to be a terrorist, show the people Islam as it was intended, as a peaceful religion.
More troops = more death = certain failure in Iraq, and a tarnished worldwide reputation. If we can fix Iraq, the future looks a little bit more bright for the U.S of A

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