Why Vista is Doomed

Vista is doomed. At least for its first year.

Let's let that sink in.

Microsoft, the biggest software corporation in the world, led for now by the richest man in the world, has just released a piece of software that it has spent years and millions upon millions of dollars on, that is doomed for failure. Why?

Around a year ago, I bought an Alienware laptop for about $1500. Today, I ran the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, and guess what? I failed. That means that I can't run Vista on my computer. Which mean, that I'm not going to upgrade until I get a new computer. If I just bought an relatively expensive Alienware laptop a year ago and it can't run Vista, I'm betting that most consumers and business' can't afford the kind of graphics intensive system that Vista requires. Which means less of an incentive to upgrade to Vista, especially since its heralded unparalleled security seems pretty much the same as XP. Here too. So basically, there is no incentive to upgrade until I upgrade my computer anyway.

Sorry Microsoft, but you couldn't quite pull off the copy cat job this time.


john a. bailo said...

I think Microsoft is just entering a phase where it finally admits that it's incapable of creating software that meets 21st century standards.

Fox said...

for the time being. but microsoft is a company that has a financial cushion of billions of dollars. if they make mistakes they can adjust, adjust they will.