Saddam's Last Message

This just in from the murderer of countless Iraqi citizens: "Do not hate"
Apparently after learning that he will soon become a martyr, or a cadaver depending on your viewpoint, Saddam wrote a final sob letter to a world that never really understood him. Tear, tear. That being said, I'm not sure that executing him is the right way to go.

"some Hussein loyalists threatened to retaliate if the ousted Iraqi leader is executed, warning in a posting on the same Baath Party Web site that carried the former leader's letter they would target U.S. interests anywhere."

By executing Saddam, we are just putting ourselves on the hit list of so many more extremists who are willing to die for their cause. Eventually, if enough people hate us something bad is going to happen.

Now I'm not saying that Saddam should be given a full pardon, but just be kept in life imprisonment and maybe executed later. Executing him now is like rubbing dirt in the wounds of the extremist movement, and is not a wise decision at this point.

What do you guys think?

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