My Top 10 Time-Wasting Online Games (In no Particular Order)

Merry Christmas. These are my Top 10 Time-Wasting Games that I have played this year, in no particular order:
1. Line Rider
This is a little bit predictable, but seriously this is possibly the most timewasting game I have ever played. I can go for hours and hours without getting tired. (That's what she said)
2. Two Minute Football
I like football, and I play this on Sunday while I'm waiting for the game to start. I can't get past All-Pro, what about you?
3. Top Dog
I played this all the time earlier in the year. The trick is to fly upside down close to the ground and don't let the other plane get on the ground. My highest is 34? What's yours?
4. Escapa!
This is a very difficult game. It's good for a warm up session before a nice game of Halo. Gets the reflexes up.
5. BMX Backflips 2
I played the wheely level constantly from morning to night for about a month. Truly an addicting game.
6. Frat Boy Beer Pong
7. Ice Breakout
This year was the year of the penguin, and this is the game of the penguin. Dont push me, cause I'm close to the edge.
8. Red Line Rumble
Good street racing game. It's the poor mans NFS.
9. Drivers Ed
This should be the standard government driving test. Beats going to the DMV.
10. Hell of Falling Sand Game
Very addicting. Limitless possibilities for destruction.

I don't know what this post has to do with restoring sanity, but I thought it would be fun to do. What are your favorite games? I'd love to find new ways to waste time. Post your comments and see you soon.

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