I'm So Glad My Tax Dollars Aren't Going to Waste

The last time I checked, seperation of church and state, was a key part of our government. But when I saw, Norad Tracks Santa, that seperation was cast into doubt. As someone who has to pay taxes every year, I am shall we say, "shocked and awed" that my tax dollars have gone to this. The site looks expensive, and the "tracking tools" probably cost a lot to keep in operation, not to mention people answering the phones for "Santa sightings." I thought that the North American Aerospace Defense Command "is a joint organization of the United States and Canada which provides aerospace warning and control for North America," not to help 10 year olds with serious gullibility issues track a fantastical obese man in a red suit who gets pulled across the U.S by flying reindeers with noses that glow red, delivering presents down every chimney along the way. Come on. Leave that sort of crap for Reagan's Star Wars project. Either that or Google

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Jeffrey said...

Just like other organizations, government ones have to spend money on publicity in order to justify their existence. I knew about Norad when I was just a little kid and still remember it now that I'm a voter. It might make me think twice if I hear a politician talking about reducing their buget, although I'm now an atheist, and that's just good publicity.

Christianity was a central part of the forming of our nation and completely separating it from government is impossible and, I would argue, undesirable. Nations need traditions to connect them to the past and the Christian traditions form much of our cultural heritage. Even though church attedance is down, I don't imagine voters would support moving the national holiday of Christmas to another day with less religious connection. Christmas, Santa and the like are U.S. traditions and recognized by a majority of citizens (including many that aren't Christian). As long as the celebrations don't impede on the rights of others, it doesn't matter. As for your tax dollars, I'll pay your share for the Norad Santa tracker, which will leave you with a fraction of a cent to apply to some other program that you like more than I do.

Dan Shipper said...

First of all, thanks for your comment Jeffrey. Second of all I never said that I personally had a problem with paying for NORAD Santa Tracker, but that I thought that my tax dollars and everyone elses might have been better spent on say a more traditional method of advertising (to justify their existence) or on someother project related to some issue of national security for example.

Anonymous said...

the last time i checked, the santa claus that we all flock to malls to celebrate the flight of had very little to do with the birth of christ, and only a very tiny bit more to do with a saint.

following santa's flight would seem more of a celebration of the consumerist tradition of macy's than a laud to anything religious.