Gridiron Gripe

I think I may be starting a new tradition for this blog. I think I am going to be doing one post every Sunday concerning football. That isn't to say that this blog is soley about football, it's just something that I am interested in and you quite possibly are as well. If you're not, then go read something else on Sundays.

Personally, I am a fan of the Jets. My family has had season tickets since 1969, and it's sort of a tradition. Now watching the Jets for so many years, they have really introduced me to the joy of either narrowly losing, or narrowly winning in the NFL. This is because, almost every game the Jets play is a nail biter. Save for games against Green Bay, Houston and the Vikings, we have won almost every game by a touchdown or less this season. And I wouldn't want the Jets any other way. It makes things much more interesting. But the Jets aren't what I want this post to be about, well, not directly.

My question, is why, without Direct T.V, or a Slingbox, I can't watch a Jets game unless I'm in the Tri-State area. I mean if I was in Russia I could, because anybody outside of the U.S can watch a live streaming broadcast right on their laptops, or tricked out Ak-47s as the case may be. Take for example, the fact that last week I was on vacation, and in order to watch the game, I had to go on Yahoo and refresh a page every five seconds, to see what was happening during the game in text. Yes, text. It would say, C. Pennington 2 yard touchdown pass to C. Baker. Then I would furiously refresh to see if Mike Nugent had made the PAT, which of course with the Jets is something that is cast into doubt. He might make it, he might not. But still, can't the NFL screw the networks, and stream me my Jets game as long as I am outside of the Tri-State area? Pretty please? With a cherry?

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