5 Reasons Hillary Clinton Will Get the Democratic Nomination in 2008

Here are 5 Reasons why Hillary will Get the Dems Presidential Nomination in '08

1. Her husband is Bill Clinton which gives her star power

2. John Edwards already lost a nomination, and didn't win on the Vice Presidential ballot

3. Barrack Obama, though he is extremely popular, is too young to be President this time around, but look for a vice presidential nomination for him

4. She is an experienced and well liked Senator, who is at the top of the heap in terms of Democratic candidacy

5. She is a woman. (I know this one sounds more like a disadvantage to many people, but I believe that the democratic party is looking for a change from stuffy old white men)

This is not to say that she will win the Presidency, which I think is likely, but after getting the nomination she may have some tough opponents on the Republican side like John McCain.

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